In March 2020, a dialogue focusing on Rights of Rivers in South Asia was hosted in New Delhi, India by Kalpavriksh, International Rivers and LIFE. The participants included activists, lawyers, academics, researchers, and community members. A primary goal was to unpack and support the emerging Rights of Nature movement with a focus on rivers in South Asia.

Recognising the need for transboundary collaboration, an alliance called ‘Rights of Rivers South Asia’ (RoRSA) emerged as a follow-up to the dialogue. RoRSA is committed to representing the interests of free-flowing and healthy rivers, and their dependent communities, in South Asia. Evolving as a network of organisations, individuals, and other networks from South Asia and across the world, RoRSA is non-hierarchical, horizontal, democratic, inclusive, and non-centralized. 

RoRSA aims to foster dialogue and collaboration around the concept of Rights of Rivers, and to enable community empowerment, regeneration, conservation and responsible policymaking. Inspired by the worldviews of local and indigenous communities across South Asia and the world, we recognise that systemic changes that honour the deep interconnections between humans and nature are essential in order to transform destructive current paradigms of development.

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